Sunday, June 30, 2019

falls and lift

"Falls 6", monotype, 6 x 6
There is a calmness to routine. Pull out the plates. Squeeze out the ink. Work in the modifier with the putty knife. Push. Pull. Turn. Push. Pull. Turn.

When the ink is just right, working it with the brayer. Roll and lift. Roll and lift. Load the brayer with lovely, creamy black ink. Velvet smooth. Onto the plate with the sticky "suss" sound.

Then pulling off the ink with finger and cloth. Pull to reveal the clean plate beneath. Pull to shape the sky above. Pull to trace the silvery lines of falling water, the cool pond below.

Inked plate and paper under layers of blankets through the pressure of the rollers. I turn the wheel and feel the gentle thud as the plate goes through, edge to edge. Back go the blankets. Carefully, I pull the paper from the plate. I can't help but hold my breath. 

In the calm of routine comes a lifting of grief. Little by little.


Nancy Poucher said...

I hope your art continues to lift your grief. I'm sorry that you are suffering.
I've enjoyed following your blog and miss your more frequent posts. I will wait patiently for Art and Music.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

“In the calm of routine....” Pushing and pulling through the days. Anticipating, listening for small familiar sounds. The days pass. Beautifully expressed. Sending love.