Friday, May 30, 2008

Form and grace: irises

Hoping to find a place with fewer distractions, I walked down a shaded path to the older display gardens at Schreiner's Iris Gardens. There I found an intimate setting for me to study the structures of these amazing flowers.

Many photographers found their way back to this area, and I had several stimulating conversations with them about composition, lighting, style, and perspective. So much for not being distracted.

That's another thing I love about art: it brings people together. And that is a wondrous experience! Even if it is a distraction. Maybe it was the most important part of my painting day.


Maeona said...

Speaking of art and music, did you know that color, like sound, is a vibratory phenomenon. Each color is like a musical note. Red has a lower end of vibrations per second and the longest wave length, like a deep sound. Violet is at the other end, highest frequency and shortest wave length. I have always thought someone should turn the masterpieces to sound so the blind could experience them somehow. Crazy me.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Great thoughts, not crazy, Maeona!

I have thought about painting to music, no, I guess I mean interpreting the music through art. How different would the paintings be, one a Gerschwin Prelude, another a Bartok Danse in Bulgarian Rhythm, the third a Mozart Fantasy...

I like your way of looking at things, and wondering. Curiosity is a treasure. Time to get busy!