Saturday, February 28, 2009

Denver Art Museum

Five hourse was not enough time at the Denver Art Museum. I was transfixed by the breathtaking Western landscapes and portraits. The new (and controversial) Hamilton building is worth experiencing, but you might want to take motion sickness pills before going. No kidding! The odd angles of the walls in every room (even the restrooms) coupled with the high altitude of the city is a recipe for toppling anyone's equilibrium!

The landscape you see here is by Albert Bierstadt. Please take a moment to click his name and browse through this prolific artist's body of work! A friend once told me about a long trek he made across the country just to see one of this artist's paintings. I understand why.

The portrait is by John Nieto. I have followed this artist since I first saw one of his paintings in Southwest Art Magazine. Then, my respect and admiration for his work grew when I saw his work in Santa Fe at the Ventana Fine Art Gallery. Now again, at the Denver Art Museum, Nieto's work stands out. Bold. Color rich. I like it!


Maeona said...

I think the altitude did affect you. I kept looking for the five horses in the painting and saw none. Silly me. I think it is supposed to be five hours is not enough. It isn't nice to play tricks on old eyes. :-)

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Horses? Oh, I see. Yeah, between the altitude and the odd building, I was a bit dizzy with it all.

And there were LOTS of paintings of horses, too...