Friday, September 14, 2012

dahlia bouquet, getting off the boat

ink on paper
My sketchbook is full of drawings as we begin to pack up at the end of our boating season. Here's one I did of a bouquet of dahlias my mother bought when she went ashore to a little farmer's market in Silverdale, Washington.

It's been a beautiful summer on the waters of the Pacific Northwest. In the three months we were aboard, we traveled 1071 miles, had 19 guests, and saw amazing heart-filling sights. Click on images to enlarge.

buttermilk sky in Olympia, WA

pink sunrise at McMicken Island, Washington

gray midday reflections in Hood Canal
Whether sunrise, midday, sunset, or night time under a blue moon, the light and water reflections begged to be noticed and attended.

sunset at Port Townsend, WA

Blue Moon over Admiralty Inlet

summer boating aboard M/V Flying Colors
Norah Jones "Summertime." Before we know it, it will be fall, so enjoy!


Susan Roux said...

Oh my, this trip looks amazing! I love the photos you posted and can only imagine how many more beautiful ones are part of your collection. Your many guests must have love this experience. How nice it was of you to bring them aboard. Welcome back ashore!

Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing all those spectacular photos from the M/V travels. Inspiring scenes! Welcome Home! How are the sea legs?