Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Arrival, 15 x 11, acrylic on BFK
Although I have stopped working on it for now, I am not certain that this piece is finished. It started as a figure sketch from life and then continued to change and shift. Today it reminds me that May is around the corner and the arrival of warmer weather in the Pacific Northwest. Warmer does not necessarily mean sunnier, however, and people joke that "real summer" starts after July 4th. For now I can celebrate the sun, the blooms, and the arrival of longer days and warmer weather.

Sarah McLachlan "Good Enough."


Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

Katherine I’ve just had a great time perusing your recent art-making journey.

The posts and paintings I most enjoyed were in
‘arrival’, ‘figures and Matisse’, and the apron paintings were so exciting!

Re ‘doing differently’:
Your words
‘To hold the focus of mindfulness takes a lot of concentration and determination. And self-awareness.’
REALLy resonate..
And of course you know I light up at your gesture drawings-!
Keep goin girl- your courage and adventure-spirit are insightful and inspiring.

Jonita said...

I love this piece, please continue on with it!