Sunday, April 13, 2014

non-Apron painting

The "Apron Stirrings" show continues to hang and draw positive and excited comments. But, now, for a break from Aprons!

Everywhere I look, the Spring flowers are filling the landscape with color and pollen. Timing is everything when you paint between sneezes.

Since my acrylic paints are still out, I continued with them for this subject. The painting sat on my easel for a couple of weeks, unfinished, and unsatisfactory, with no line work. Then, one day I saw it and thought about my India ink and decided to "wreck" it. The lines brought focus and depth to what were good shapes but a boring painting.

Spring? Oh, yes. Bring it on!

The Lumineers "Flowers in Your Hair."


Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

you mean 'Spring' it on!! this is so alive with rhythm and chroma-beautiful fluid lines!

*congrats on your show!

Angie said...

Love it!

Spring sprang up here! Everything is covered in pollen. Our decks look a faded yellow. Excuse me while I go sneeze! ;-》