Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the Studio yesterday and today

Yesterday was a good day. I painted en plein air at Cresap Bay with my friend, Suzanne. When I came home to my studio, I painted the piece you see to the left. From a photograph I took in the Woodland Bottoms. I like this painting. It has a crisp fall feel to it, just like the day I took the photo. Yes, yesterday was a good painting day.

On the other hand, today was a tough one.

You've heard the word "homicide" to describe the action of killing another human being. If that human is your father, it's "patricide." If your mother, "matricide."

What do you call it when you kill innocent paintings? I am going to have to think of the right word for that, because it describes what I did today. I killed three paintings. In fact, it seemed that I could do no right in the studio.

I will not post crime scene photos of these grisly murders. I will just let you imagine the mayhem of gross dismemberment of value, composition, temperature, color harmony, and so on.

I'll take out my shovel and bury these bodies in the yard.

And hope for a better day tomorrow.


Celeste Bergin said...

I object! I can't think of any more good've used them all. Well, I think you should call the murder of bad art; blah-a-cide.
Your field is good. Congratulations for that one!

mary mayfield said...

Like the field. Sure know what you describe on the murders. Just happened onto your site. I'm trying to start one....I think I met you some years back at an IAPS convention in KC- we had dinner and took you back to hotel.