Thursday, June 11, 2009

Plein air painting at Westmoreland Park

Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters

It was great to paint with my art group today. The Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters are a large group of artists, some of whom meet regularly for art discussion and (when the weather is good) for plein air painting. Today we painted at Westmoreland Park in Portland.

I love painting with a group of other artists. We set up our easels where the subject interests us and mostly are quietly intense when painting. But, we also wander around a look at what each other is doing, and sometimes talk about the method, the subject, the value. We always ooh and ahh over new easels, new pochade boxes, a new brush, a better handcart.

We share our thoughts about how much work it is to paint outdoors. And then, grudgingly, admit that we learn more than imaginable with each plein air painting. When the painting turns out well. When the painting doesn't turn out well. No matter. The learning curve is steep en plein air.

Today I just felt happy to be painting with my painting friends.

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