Saturday, September 19, 2009

Notan on a windy day

We're anchored at Hope Island in 27 kt winds. Too windy to paint but not too busy to try more sketching with Prismacolor markers. I'm using 30% warm gray, 60% cool gray, and 90% warm gray. I only chose the cool gray because they didn't have 60% warm at the art supply store in Winslow.

When I sketch a lot, like on trips, I become very aware of line. The outlines of objects become my focus and the quality of the line my aim. When I get back to painting after so much time working on line, I struggle to again find shape and form and value patterns.

This time my sketches, by nature of the fat ends of these markers, are all about value and shape and getting the big parts right. I only hope that i will have an easier time with painting when I can get back to it.

Fingers crossed for less wind tomorrow!

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