Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slow for turtles

I drove through the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge today. I love that place! Not too many birds there yet since the wetlands are dry from the summer sun. But I was not alone at the refuge.

When I peered into the water, over the cattails and nettles, I could see the turtles sunning themselves on the exposed branches and roots. They stretched their necks out like old women hiding double chins. But you have to slow down and really look for them before you can be charmed by their vanity.

A white Suburban drove impatiently behind me and finally passed when I was able to pull off to the side of the gravel road. Inside, with the windows closed, were a father and his young daughter. They drove quickly through the refuge. I'm sure that they missed the turtles.

But, if you go there, you'll be sure to slow down and look for them, won't you? Old ladies with their chins lifted to the sun to minimize wrinkles and jowls. Turtles are great!

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