Monday, August 16, 2010

pastel over watercolor under painting

watercolor under painting

This is the third painting I did. I have seen a lot of these rocks as we have traveled. Rocks with algae, carved by water and wind and glaciers, trees growing when there is enough dirt. The boat swung toward the previous post scene and I painted that. The boat swung toward these rocks and I painted that. What a great day! I can't say that I was enthralled with the scene, but I thought about something Loriann Signori shared on her blog. She said that Richard McKinley suggested that she also paint things she doesn't love, things that don't excite her to hone her skills. I took that information to heart (thank you, Loriann, for sharing it!) and painted this rock.

Do you ever paint things that don't excite you?


loriann said...

Hi Katherine, Thank you for the mention. Richard's wisdom spreads wider..nice. Good for you for taking the challenge! I like the way you used the power simultaneous contrast for your edge.

SamArtDog said...

Like Loriann's and Richard's work, your underpainting can stand alone, but so much is added with the pastel. Still, hard to cover?

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Loriann, for all you do and share. I appreciate it! Cool to see what you are doing with your oils, too.

Sam! Good to hear from you. Sometimes I feel like the under painting is dismal failure and I'm relieved to know that I can cover it with pastel. Other times, I love the under painting and wonder if it even needs pastel on top.

Ralph said...

You continue to inspire, instruct and make me feel alive and good. Thank you