Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flowers and Gram

20 x 16, oil on canvas board

 Flowers and lemons again. This time I tried to keep the shapes big and the details few until the very end and then I only added what I thought was needed. 

I love flowers and often think of my grandmother when I buy, arrange, and paint flowers. My grandmother had a knack for growing them, something that she inherited from her mother who was famous for her rose beds and flower gardens back in the little Missouri town she lived. My grandmother could make a flower grow in any kind of soil, and she did. Even at the very end of her life, she had pots of African violets in her room, and she would still stick her fingers into the soil to see if they needed water.

I was a tough study about flowers when I was little. My problem was that I thought dandelions were beautiful. They were yellow and so pretty, or they were "blow wishes flowers" and if I saw one, I had to blow. I recently found this old photo of me with Gram. I can just imagine Gram patiently explaining to me again about dandelions and how weeds were not flowers. But, you know what? Every so often, she would blow wishes with me. I miss her!
Gram and Katherine, age 3


Jan Yates, SCA said...

Love this post--you look so much like her..and this painting is infused with feeling--i think that is the magic of art--takes one to so many places.
thanks again for sharing

SamArtDog said...

Nice flowers! I especially like the cold wax ones.

My grandmother blew wishes, too. She liked being in cahoots with us kids. It drove my mother, her daughter, nuts.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Grandmothers can hold a special spot in the hearts of their grandchildren. One day, I hope to do that, too.

Nick said...

You were so cute!

loriann said...

Beautiful painting. What's best is how much of your unique style is there. Thanks also for sharing the stoy.

tattina said...

Dear Katherine, your story about your grandmother is very nice. She was a wonderful person. I have two granddaughters and I would like to stay in their hearts forever, like your grandmother did in yours.
Your paintings are beautiful.