Thursday, March 3, 2011

Henk Pander at the Hallie Ford Art Museum

sketch of Henk Pander 3.4.11
I had a great day today. A day of fun and laughter and art and energy. I drove down to Salem for the Henk Pander retrospective at the Hallie Ford Art Museum. 

It was a surprise and a delight to discover that a class of Linn-Benton art students with their professor Gary Westford were at the show.  Even better, Henk Pander was there to give an impromptu talk about his work and art. I couldn't take photographs of the artwork, but nothing stopped me from sketching Pander while he talked.
Listening to Henk Pander's talk
 The crowd was very attentive to Pander's description of living in Nazi-occupied Holland during WWII and the effects of that experience on his work. All around us were huge murals of bright color and conflict. My notes in my sketchbook: "gruesome oils of disaster and mayhem."

My favorite painting was a quiet portrait of his father.

If you can get there before its close March 29, I highly recommend this show. You can find details of this exhibit and the schedule here.
Left: portrait of Mayor John Kitzhaber by Henk Pander in the Capitol Building

Looking straight up to the rotunda in the Capitol Building

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Plum Gallery News said...

That sounds great! I am going Tuesday with some women from Oregon Women's Caucus for Art, so I am looking forward to that. We will hear a talk, but I don't think it will be from Henk Pender himself. Thanks for sharing this. I love your drawings-shows how learning to do it pays off.