Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dawn Emerson Workshop -- Day Two

My last painting today and my attempt to synthesize all that I learned. This is BFK paper with gesso on it for a support, then Sumi ink and gouache under painting, with pastel on top. Layers of putting on and taking away, of discovering a shape and then losing it. Push, pull, add, subtract. Tomorrow morning we will start the day with a critique of our final paintings. On of my fellow students has suggested the title "Bloody Race" for this piece.

Playing with the materials with this #1: gesso on BFK with pastel and charcoal

More play with this #2 plus a real response to the didgeridoo music: 
acrylic pastel ground on BFK with charcoal and pastel and chalk


Jan Yates, SCA, Canada said...

these are so visceral and speak in a language i really respond to--really really really like the emotive marks you are making and interesting re the approach -the depth of the last 2 seem otherworldly-very cool. please excuse my ignorance, but what is BFK?

Anonymous said...

Is your classmate English? lol
It's a beautiful painting. I love how you're always learning and experimenting!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Jan! "BFK" is Rives BFK printmaker paper. It's a heavy paper that can tolerate water and scraping and a lot of handling. It's also somewhat soft and felts. The application of gesso and/or acrylic pastel ground provides a barrier and limits the felting. Thanks for looking and commenting!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Joni! LOL. She's an 80 year old who used to sail competitively. Not English. Funny!