Wednesday, December 21, 2011

taking stock of 2011

the keepers

the non-keepers
Usually, it's on New Year's Day when I take stock of what I have painted for the year. This year I did it today. Out of the drawers and off of the shelves came all of the 236 paintings I painted this year. Then, one by one, I sorted them into the "keepers" and "non-keepers."

Some of the "keepers" I will frame and put in upcoming shows. Some of them will become launch points for exploring new ideas. Some of them will become "non-keepers" as 2012 unwinds.

What to do with the "non-keepers"? Some of them I throw away. Some of them I wash off and paint over. Some of them I may use in collage or other mixed media pieces in the future. They are my compost heap. They may even generate some warmth and new ideas as I look at them again and mix them up.

2011 ... it's been a very good year, with wonderful moments, and a few weird ones! Hope you can say the same!

This always cracks me up! Maybe it falls in the category of weird moments in a very good year!

But no one does it like Frank. What a voice!


Casey Klahn said...

The Chairman of the Board beats CPT Kirk, hands down.

As it happens, I am going through my boxes of throw aways, or maybe I'll call them semi-throw aways, and seeing which ones can be resolved as paintings. It is surprising what develops.

Good on you for doing the task - my own isn't "resolving" the mess out there in the studio, though.

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Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Agreed. William Shatner somehow makes the classy number sound sleazy! But it does make me laugh.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

That Shatner version is comical. With those facial expressions I just can't take him seriously.