Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colorado mountain high

After miles and miles of prairie, it was a thrill to enter Colorado and see the beautiful Rocky Mountains! We spent a joyful, sunny day with friends in and around Longmont and up to Estes Park, which I totally loved.

As a BONUS to this particular stop, I got to meet the one and only blogger Sam Hannaway of "SamArtDog"! When bloggers meet, it's as if you already know one another, but then the virtual relationship has a chance to become a face-to-face relationship. Sam is just as witty and smart in person as she is in writing. Our interesting dinner conversation made the time speed by and we ended up closing the restaurant down. As Sam said, it's a good sign of friendship. I am lobbying for a visit from Sam to the Pacific Northwest!! Check out her blog HERE.

This time in the Denver area was truly a "Rocky Mountain High." 

Finally, here's another (about my) Dad sketch.


Roxanne said...

Your sketch is a powerful illustrations of the feelings associated with a family member who has dementia. I applaud your courage.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks for your comment, Roxanne. Even naming the feelings is a challenge when a family member has dementia, let alone picturing it somehow. I'll endeavor to stick with this and see what happens.