Monday, March 12, 2012

giving art away

three now in Florida with my brother and father
Not all artists do, but I like to give art as gifts to family and special friends.

Since we planned to see all of my family (mother, father, brother, sisters, and all of the kids) on this trip, I brought artwork gifts for them. Nine of my paintings now have new homes, from California to Florida, New Jersey to Chicago.

with my sister and her husband in New Jersey

now in Chicago with my other sister

now in Chicago

Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of all of the paintings in their new locations. But I am thrilled to be the giver of these special gifts.

I remember reading about Alexander Calder fashioning wire hanger portraits of his host and hostess at dinner parties. I can't find that reference (help me out if you can) today but I remember looking at a lot of Calder wire sculpture portraits and figures at the National Gallery of Art earlier this month. What a gift! What a man! See more of his wire portraits here.

Alexander Calder at the National Gallery of Art

Alexander Calder at the National Gallery of Art


Anonymous said...

You forgot me! Is my package on its way?

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...


Suzanne said...

What a perfect way to deliver your lovely paintings to their new homes. In person, along with the travels. Can't imagine our paintings getting banged around by UPS or FedEx. They will be well loved by their new owners.

Thanks for the music that goes so well with the visuals.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Suzanne, you're right about shipping pastel paintings. But, many artists do it, so it must be possible. I've had only limited success with shipping, myself. But, hand delivery is the best way to assure no damage!!