Thursday, June 14, 2012

two if by sea

sketchbook on day of departure
It seems that just when I have started to hum along in the studio with a new process or idea, I am packing again for another trip. Part of me is frustrated by that interruption, but most of me is excited for new vistas and with them, new ideas.

Boat travel is different from road travel. I am much more careful to bring all of the supplies I think I want on the boat since finding an art supply store is harder to do. First of all, I have to find it on foot. I could call a cab, of course, but it's easier to bring it with me if I can.

Days before we leave home, I create long lists of things I want to bring. Clothes for about 21 days so that laundry isn't a big issue. Food for about 2 weeks (more for the big, bulky stuff). And then there's the art supplies. 

All of this stuff is packed into bins, hauled up to the boat, then hauled down the dock in carts. Next, it's all unloaded and stowed away on the boat. Did I remember everything I wrote on the lists? Don't kid yourself. It's a lot of work!

bins hauled down the ramp to the boat, unload, repeat 100x

If you knew you were going to be away from home for several months, how would you pack your art supplies? What would you take? What would you leave at home?

We'll see if I brought what I need (and want) as time unfolds. Honestly, as soon as we push away from the dock, I don't worry any more.

For now, I'm content with my 9" x 9" Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook and Sakura Gelly Roll pen. I was interested in the shapes of the land as they jutted out into the water along our route. 

looking back at the Capitol building in Olympia, WA
We're "hanging on the hook" as some nautical folks might say. Relaxing and resting from all of the work of getting underway. I hope it's a great adventure!

Last night I dreamed I was explaining to someone what it means to be an artist. "An artist is someone who has BIG IDEAS."

You know what? I think I just might be right!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Ahoy Katherine.
We were at Percival Landing Tuesday and Wednesday evening on the boat .. sorry to have missed you by just a little bit of time.
We are in the process of doing the same and will be packing our boat full of necessities this week. Love your sketches and the telling of the many lists and trips down the dock, its all so true.
Bon Voyage.

Pam Holnback said...

I am so looking forward to your images of this trip!!

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Look forward to seeing your sketches from the boat! I also travel by boat most of the year and have to deal with the streamlined art supply closet. It's tough but it does make you realize that you don't really need that much after all! Hope you have fair winds!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Nancy! Look for us on the water: M/V Flying Colors. I would love to meet you this summer.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Pam! We'll be staying mostly in the waters south of Victoria this time around, beauty everywhere I look. And many more people than in Alaska!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thank you for the comment, Eden! You are right about streamlining for boat travel. My studio is reduced to a bin with supplies, an easel, and a portfolio. Do you paint from your sailboat? Or mostly on from the land?

Eden Compton Pastels and Oils said...

Hi Katherine - I try to paint on land mainly because my husband freaks about the teak on the sailboat. But, I also find that you run into the horizontal problem when painting from the boat. Unless you are painting a cluster of boats and buoys, it is hard to create an interesting foreground when looking a the horizon from the boat. We are usually anchored out so the land/horizon is not that close. But, that said, I often paint in the cockpit when it is raining (and my husband is in the engine room)! Good luck - like the water sketches!