Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Day culling the herd

"No" on the left, "Yes" on the right.
With 534 paintings to sort through, my annual "culling the herd" day took a long time. Every New Year's Day I go through the work I've done the previous year and decide which paintings are successful (the "Yes" paintings) and which will be hosed off (the "No" paintings).

The "no" pile is always larger than the "yes" pile.

And that's okay with me. It means that I am trying things that don't always work out, but I continue to stretch for what is beyond my reach. An artist's reach should exceed her grasp, at least I think that it should.

2013. It's gonna be a great year!! "The Beat Goes On" by Patricia Barber, don't you know?

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