Wednesday, March 20, 2013

kitchen's full

Company of Women, 22 x 30, acrylic
When I was growing up, holidays were bustling times with lots of people and lots of food.  Prior to sitting down at the table to eat, the group was often divided by sex. The men were out in the garage looking at the newest car, or in the den watching the football/baseball/basketball game.

The generations of women crowded in the kitchen. Sometimes there was room for little girls, too. We watched the rolling of dough, the snapping of beans, the give and take of advice and community. I loved those times when I got to wear an apron and help. Participating in the company of women made me feel grown up and special.

The grandmothers have long passed away. Some of the mothers, too. The little girls have grown up and some of us have families of our own. And I am a grandmother now.

But inside the heart of this grandmother is still the little girl with flour on her fingers, trying to pinch pinwheels from the leftover pie crust.

Cat Stevens "Oh Very Young."


Roxanne Clingman said...

I like the power of the painting and the social observation. All from aprons! Who knew...

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I know I didn't foresee where the aprons would take me when I first started with them in January. Feels like a good ride ahead! Thanks for your comment, Roxanne!

William Cook said...

Your work has matured wonderfully in the past couple years. This is just a great painting--and the others like it. The textures are so engaging.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thank you, William. This one started with textures and color, and later came the shapes. Maybe that shows.