Sunday, August 24, 2008

What kind of person are you?

Some people are desert people. They love the dry air, the smell of sage, the stark beauty of the desert. They feel great in the dry heat. More alive. When they are in the desert.

Other people are mountain people. They love the feel of air at altitudes, the sharp contrast of snowy peaks against cobalt blue skies. They are energized by the rugged beauty. The feel of challenge in the mountains.

I am not a desert person. Nor a mountain person. But I enjoy visiting both and I can appreciate them like a tourist who doesn't quite speak the language.

I am a beach person. I can't get enough of being at the coast. The smell of the fresh air straight off the miles of ocean fills my lungs more deeply than any other air. As I walk across the dunes, through the sea grasses, I realize that I hold my breath in anticipation of my first view of the ocean. When I'm upset or confused, lost or sad, I would rather be at the beach than any place else.

So, what are you? Desert? Mountain? Beach? Something else? I'd really like to know.


bullwinkle said...

This week I guess I'm a desert person. No choice. I grew up next to the ocean on Monterey Bay near Santa Cruz. Took it for granted back then, but really appreciate it now. Guess I need to be near water, as I really love Lake Tahoe as well.

Didn't leave for the desert today, as planned. Hopefully my girl friend recovers from food poisoning so we can leave tomorrow (Wednesday).

Nick said...

I'm forest people. Sea air is grand and all, but air just claened by a forest is better still. And if there is a river there too, so much the better. There's nothing quite as relaxing as throwing stones into the river when you need to relax or contemplate something.