Friday, January 16, 2009

Lowell, part 1

June 2004 Santa Paula, CA
Annual Bucker Fly In

It was a great weekend of bi-planes, pilots, hangar exploring, and meeting interesting people. Many, many people.

I had just started taking art classes and had no idea that I had found a life passion. But, at the fly in I took many photos, including one of this dear man.

Lowell was in his late 80s when I met him that weekend, but his age did not stop him from being charming and flirtatious with me.

He agreed to let me paint from the photo, but if I earned money from his likeness, he expected a cut of the profit!

So far, I have painted this precious man four times. None has turned out the way I hoped. What you see here is the beginning of my fifth attempt. So far just my charcoal sketch and the under painting. Maybe this time I'll capture what I am after.

Lowell, 24 x 24, pigment under painting on Wallis paper

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