Saturday, January 10, 2009

Monkey Business

These are not self portraits!

Okay, now that we're clear on that (no wise cracks, please), I can explain why I am painting gorillas.

I have always loved observing wildlife but wildlife art often leaves me cold. I do not want to count feathers and render animals in a photo-realistic way. I admire artists like Robert Bateman who do that beautifully! It's not for me.

I do not want to paint "cute" animal paintings, either. Enough said.

But, I have been thinking that maybe I could try to paint wildlife in a way that expresses how I feel about all living creatures: excitement, wonder and delight. What you see are my fledgling attempts to do that.

I observed these gorillas at the San Diego Zoo. For hours I stood and watched their community interact with one another and with the observers. I studied their faces, their hands and feet, how their bodies moved. It was amazing!

I have no predictions about my future painting subjects, but I guess that animals will continue to interest me. Time will tell.

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