Thursday, August 6, 2009

Low Tide at O'Connor's

"Low Tide"
pastel, 18 x 24

pastel, 20 x 10

It was a lively morning today at O'Connor's Restaurant on Capitol Highway. My art group, Eight+, hung a new show. There's a happy energy when we hang new paintings. Customers are already talking about some of the pieces!

I rushed to the framer yesterday to have "Low Tide" framed for this show. Framing really makes a painting take on significance! "Summertime" hangs in the hallway, and the light from the window is just perfect on it.

All of the new work looks great! You can see Celeste Bergin's new piece on her blog, but I hope that you will stop in at O'Connor's and see all of the work for yourself, in person.

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