Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pastel making with Kitty -- Day Two "Crumble Colors"

my first "Crumble Color"

pastels from Day 1 broken to color bits

color bits are gently mixed and wetted to form new sticks

Day Two of making "Crumble Colors" with Kitty Wallis.

It was a labor-intensive day! The colors from yesterday were used to create new sticks that had bits of color side by side. Not mud, which would have happen if we had stirred the wet pastel together.

Based on our preferences and curiosities, we mixed the special pastel sticks you see in the third photo. They will dry and be ready for use soon.

What I hope will happen is that I will be able to use one of these new Crumble Color pastel sticks to show the "brushwork" or directionality of my stroke as well as the value that is right for the area. As I mixed various color combinations for these sticks, my thoughts went to the new paintings that their use will allow.

This one is the color of a nostril. That one is the color of mist. Here's one that is the color of the shadow under a cloud.

Once they are dry, we can test them. With the stroke should come irregular lines of color. Broken color. I can hardly wait!!


Carrie said...

They are far more intense color than I was expecting. They are going to make some very interesting texture in your paintings.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

We tried to get a range of values with the crumble colors. Of course, we learned a lot from this first intense session and I think that we will experiment more the next time. I am over the moon about it!

Celeste Bergin said...

can not wait to see what happens when you drag that pastel across a Wallis paper! Thanks for sharing the process with us. Too cool