Saturday, July 10, 2010

Art, not just for museums

Independence Day in Wrangell, Alaska. There were the usual things like fireworks, the egg toss, gunny sack races, funnel cake, and ice cream cones. There were the less usual things like log rolling, axe throwing, and long saw contests. But, best of all was the parade.

Just the day before, I had seen many Tlingit art pieces in the museum in Wrangell. On the fourth, the same objects were being used, worn, displayed and used in their intended ways in the parade down Main Street. Hats made from woven cedar bark, drums with iconic paintings, and the beautiful button blanket, along with singing and dancing and celebrating.

Art, not under glass, but part of life. Part of contemporary life. I love it!

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Carrie H. said...

I bet they really have a good celebration up there. It all looks so welcoming. Hope you are making many memories to share with future grandchildren!