Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sketches from the last days of this trip

Just a few more sketches in my book before we get home.

Sometimes my drawings of boats are right on. Other times I miss the mark and they look completely un-seaworthy. This sketch looks right to me.

LaConner, Washington has a beautiful quilt museum. A new exhibit of Japanese quilts and textiles was really interesting but the colors were odd to my American eyes. Orange with magenta and pink looked garish to me, but must make sense to Japanese eyes. I favored the crazy quilts and wondered about the women who put them together.

The end of this trip is in sight and brings a mixture of feelings. Endings are sad. But they make space for new beginnings.


Celeste Bergin said...

hoooray! Kvan is coming home! Bringing your sketchbooks Tuesday??? (Love these sketches)

Ralph said...

It is good to travel and see all that you have seen but it is equally good to be home.

Pam Holnback said...

I'm sad your trip is nearing an end. I've so enjoyed it!

Carrie H. said...

I bet you will be pleasantly surprised when you get back into the studio.... Why?
Because all this practice of observation all summer is going to come out when you start doing larger work. It was something I became aware of from my drawing practice this summer.

Astrid Volquardsen said...

Thanks for the look in your sketchbook.I know excactly what you mean about getting the ships right.

Anonymous said...

What an eventful trip you've had!