Thursday, September 30, 2010

So-so to ... SO?

The so-so painting washed off in the previous post became the painting you see in the top photo.

In the bottom photo, you can see how I turned the panel with its ghost image upside down before I put the charcoal sketch in.

The dark ground frustrated me and I felt like getting the lights to come through was an aerobic exercise! In the end, the entire painting feels pretty dark and I think that next time I will wash
over the ghost with gesso to lighten it up before I apply pastel again.

The first painting on this panel I did earlier this year at the Susan Ogilvie workshop I did down in Springfield, OR at the Emerald Arts Center. Click here to see the original painting.

Have you painted over old panels? What helped you succeed?


Celeste Bergin said...
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Celeste Bergin said...

Well, you and I have discussed this--I enjoy painting over old (oil) paintings. I almost always have a better 2nd painting over the "so-so" version. However, I haven't had that kind of luck washing off an old pastel and repainting (in pastel) over it. I like your idea to gesso over the old image.

Is this a kelp image? I think I like it!

Caroline Bray Art said...

This so-so version turned out to be AWESOME. I really like it, so 3D, so much depth, nuanced colour, atmosphere...a little mystery. Glad you kept going with it. Perhaps you should do so-so pieces more often, they they'll get a wonderful make over like this one. Personally, I like the darkness - it adds drama. And some of the greatest artists of history have relied upon darkness to create the most amazing works. Caravaggio, of course...

SamArtDog said...

October issue of Pastel Journal, page 42. Barbara Benedetti Newton reworks original pastels.

Suzanne said...

I like your 2nd painting, thinking of it as an abstract design with color and texture.