Monday, November 8, 2010


Before my next oil painting session with Thomas Kitts, I have some homework to accomplish. Above you see my attempt at mixing values with raw umber and white. The mixes are supposed to differ only in one value (75% on the left set and 85% on the right for the dark mid tone). As I look at the photo, I can see that I have mixed the 50% values a little differently, too. This is harder than it looks!

Next, I am supposed to paint three still life paintings using objects that are midtone to dark in value. You can see the objects I think I'll paint in the photo below. I am going to try out a recycled panel and see how that works. This is a canvas panel that I have painted over with galkyd and titanium white.

Last week I went to the opening of Scott Gellatly's show at the Brian Marki Fine Art Gallery. He paints Northwest landscapes, en plein air, with a contemporary feel to them. Brian Marki was gracious and very enthusiastic about Scott's work and it was a pleasure to meet the artist in the minutes before the reception officially started. I like homework assignments like this!

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Ralph said...

I am at a loss for word and what to comment on I so love the blog before this one. I have it I know what to say. thank you my friend for being my friend.