Wednesday, July 27, 2011

hump day at Cascade Locks

11 x 14, oil on board

looking into the glare to paint it -- a challenge!

Elio Camacho

How do you select a plein air painting subject? Today, I walked along the edge of the island at Cascade Locks Marine Park and was captivated by the glare on the water. I thought, "That will be hard to paint! Pick something else. It will strain your eyes. It will be hard to see colors. Pick something else." But, nothing else interested me like the glare, so I jumped in.

I'll get a better photograph of this painting another day, but you can see how I am really piling on the paint. I like the painting. And I liked my experience of painting it. Well, except for the part where the wind picked up my palette and all of the Quinacridone Red paint went into the grass. Oh, and the part where my trash bag blew up and into my palette and became very friendly with my Ultramarine Blue paint. But I enjoyed looking at the scene and mixing the paint and laying it down. All of that was fun.

The great thing about painting in the Columbia River Gorge is the fantastic Columbia River! Makes me think of this great song, done by many artists, but this is the fantastic Eva Cassidy. Take Me to the River!


Suzanne said...

Ah, what lovely scenery for the plein air! Your painting seems to capture it in 3D with the thickness of paint.
Music to go with the visuals is so much enjoyed. Previously your blog had,"Roll On Columbia,Roll On"with Woody Guthrie. That's what I would hear if standing there.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Thanks, Suzanne! We'll have to go out to the Gorge to paint!