Saturday, July 30, 2011

last day of Elio Camacho workshop


11 x 14, oil on canvas board
Another wobbly step in the way I want to go. I leave Elio's workshop feeling encouraged and excited about painting more and painting better. Elio is a great teacher. He works to understand the level of each student, and then pushes them to the next step. 

I know I feel inspired. Inspired to paint. Inspired to be better. Inspired to do those exercises he suggested. And, with many helpful ideas and suggestions for handling the medium, I am inspired to put miles on my brushes.

From this workshop, I received much more than I expected. I expected Elio to be a wonderful painter himself. He is. I expected him to do demos and talk about his painting process. He did. I expected instruction on color mixing, brushwork, composition. He delivered on that expectation, too.
What I didn't expect is his genuine interest and concern about where I am in my painting journey. His gentle curiosity. And with his interest came accurate suggestions for moving ahead. And names of other artists whose work I might study to get me to move ahead.

I feel just a bit like a fledgling, pushed from the nest. By his words, actions, and presence, it is as if Elio has given me, personally, these parting words:

Find your weaknesses and work on them.
Paint every day.
Paint outdoors.
Find the form.
Paint the light.
Put down the right color in the right spot in the right way each time.
Don't make more work for yourself by having to correct mistakes.
Where is your "bride"? (center of interest)
Do the work.

That's exactly what I will do. Thank you, Elio Camacho. I hope to see you again.


Carrie H. said...
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Carrie H. said...

I love finishing a workshop with a full brain and enough energy to keep painting everyday straight for a couple months!

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Suzanne said...

What an inspiring workshop! I see the new rhythmic forms in your paintings. You gave a beautiful summary of what can be carried on and put into practice just like with our musical instuments.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Carrie -- You're right! The best workshops leave me full of ideas to put into practice. And that's exactly how I feel ... FULL.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Suzanne: you are so right!