Sunday, June 15, 2008

Camp 18 Paint Out

Camp 18 is a great spot along Highway 26 between Forest Grove and Seaside, OR. Along the banks of Humbug Creek, Camp 18 is a restaurant and grounds dedicated to preserving the history of logging in this area.

The Portland Plein Air Painters met a group of painters from Gearhart to paint at Camp 18. I brought watercolors and pen instead of my usual pastels. I felt awkward with the medium but pleased with the whimsy of this piece. It's far from perfect, but it captures part of the charm of the locale. I would like to go back there and paint again.


Nick said...

It also captures the charm and whimsy of the woman's backside.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

yeah, well, when the owner of the backside saw the painting, she said, "You've certainly captured my big butt." She was good natured and had a laugh about it. Charm and whimsy -- the code for that day.