Sunday, June 29, 2008

Taking it in

Orcas Island is just beautiful! Rosario Resort sits majestically on the rocks of East Sound, like a queen. Everywhere I turn, it's more and more beautiful. Sunshine. Fresh air. Time to paint. It's just about perfect.

The watercolor sketches are so much fun to do. About 30 minutes to get it down and hope that I caught something that's right. I hope to paint a full sheet watercolor tomorrow morning. Mornings are optimal because the other boaters haven't disturbed the water yet. And, I think that the float planes may not start until 9. We'll see.


bullwinkle said...

I envy your journey through Puget Sound. Hope to get back up there sometime soon myself. I actually have a rental in Oak Harbor that I have only seen once. Love the Penn Cove mussels. There are many good art workshops in Coupeville that might be fun sometime. Great looking drawing.

Nick said...

Nice looking house there.