Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day Three: Make Pastels

It's a little like a cooking project, mixing, kneading, dividing kneading more. More water. Less water. We made this many pastels today and divided them equally (more or less) among the eight students in the workshop.

The colors look delicious. I can't use them until they dry all the way through, but I am eager to do it. Some of the colors are the very ones that are missing from my pastel box.

I learned a lot over the three days of this workshop. And, I'm so grateful to Kitty Wallis for teaching! We are so lucky to have her in the Portland area!


bullwinkle said...

Damn! Make your own pastels! I'm envious. Think I'll Google her and sign up for a workshop myself. Or is it cheaper to just buy them? Hope it's not what I call "The Cracker Syndrome". Sure, you can make them, but just buying crackers is much more practical.

bullwinkle said...

Okay,I Googled her. I didn't know she was that WALLIS. Now I am even more envious, but how do I find out about her workshops? Didn't find a direct link. Suggestions?

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I contacted Kitty about your request and here is her reply:

Yes do pass along my email address. I tried to reply to his comment on
your blog, then wondered if that was the correct thing to do.

My comment to him:
Hi Bullwinkle,
My next workshop is in Sept. 'Color Intensive focusing on Plein Air'
You can email me at for more information. We will
not be making pastels at that workshop.

Nick said...

For the record, the whole point of having a comments/forum section on a web page is so folks can interact with each other-- Kitty should in the future post here :-D.