Thursday, July 24, 2008

Burly Cove and Ansel Adams

I admire the photography of Ansel Adams.
I think that he stood before vistas and felt awe and wonder. And his photographs capture that sense of respect and joy and even fear of the landscape. Especially his Yosemite photos. Half Dome. El Capitan. Majestic landscape in an unforgettable place.

So, when we pulled in to anchor at Burly Cove in the Broughtons, it was Ansel Adams and Yosemite that I thought of first. Well, after I looked to see that there were no grizzly bears on the shore. Little wonder when you see the sheer granite face before me.


bullwinkle said...

That is a pretty impressive rock. Now try to capture the feeling with a painting. Or do you want to stay with black and white. I also love Ansel Adams' work.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I feel like I need a BIG piece of paper for this subject. Back in the studio I'll be able to work big and give it a try. The face was a perfect vertical and I wondered how the trees found any soil for growing there.