Sunday, July 13, 2008

Traveling North

Desolation Sound is a beautiful area of water, islands, harbors, wildlife and lots of other boaters enjoying the beauty, too. We've seen lots of eagles, and other birds. I watched three separate mother mergansers with their babies in tow, going across various distances of water. The first mama had 17 babies! I couldn't believe it! She seemed to keep track of all of them, even the one (there's always one) who kept lollygagging behind.

Walking through Campbell River yesterday, I saw some paintings that were done with watercolor and heavy black ink lines. I bought some black ink and I'll be experimenting with that tomorrow. Good thing the sun rises to early, I feel that hum inside that I guess all artists feel when something has captured our attention!


bullwinkle said...

Were the heavy black lines outlines? Or were they used for accent?
Speaking of the use of black as an accent, I visited with Elton Bennett up in Grays Harbor back when I was teaching screen printing in the 70's. Though he was killed in a plane crash a month after our visit, he has a website because of his daughters. Check out
Tell me what you think.

Suzanne said...

I love your paintings and photos. Such a beautiful paradise!