Monday, April 13, 2009

Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth died this January 2009.

I knew he was old, but his death caught me by surprise. Maybe what really surprised me was that I would feel his loss so strongly.

His work is spare. Frugal. Beautifully lit and exquisitely rendered. But sad. Or maybe it is I who feel sad when I feel the loneliness of his vision.

I supposed I would characterize my own work as vibrant and somehow juicy with color and emotion. In contrast, Wyeth's masterpieces are contained and dry.

It has taken me months to figure out how I wanted to honor Andrew Wyeth. Artist to artist.

So I begin. First with a couple of his paintings. And a moment of silence for a great man. A second moment to recall his work. Here is a beautiful slide show of paintings by Andrew Wyeth.

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post in memory of a wonderful artist. Your staircase painting to honor him is beautiful too.