Sunday, April 5, 2009

Plein air at the park again on Sunday

It was warmer today! I was dressed warmer, too. So, not too bad for another plein air day at Lewisville Park. The river was beautiful with the morning light on it. I love this place!

Good thing I finished up before 12:30! As I loaded up my car with easel and other plein air stuff, a contingent of minivans, station wagons, and other vehicles pulled into the lot. Out came families of people dressed in church clothes, all speaking Russian.

I waited to see what would happen next. Within minutes, they had erected two awnings near where I had painted, and a priest came and a baptism service started. You never know what will happen next while plein air painting. At least, this time, I wasn't in their way or in the middle of their service.

Do you have a story about something unusual that happened to you while you were painting en plein air?


Celeste Bergin said...

A man with liquor on his breath came up to me..loudly asking me if I was "having fun!" ..."uh ....yeah, I ...guesssss" I replied, avoiding eye contact. "because THAT woman over THERE is WAY TOO SERIOUS"..he went on. Without even looking "over there" I realized that Kitty Wallis had managed to easily shoo him away with some stern words... and I *inherited* him.

Karen McLain said...

I had painted a horse, that was in his mid-twenty's, and was told the owner was in her 70's. I was surprised when she came out to get on and did a trot to canter, slid to a stop, then did a gallop depart!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Great stories, Celeste and Karen! Thank you for sharing!