Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drawing Class: Tom

This drawing is the result of a memory exercise.

Picture this: the model is on his stand, holding his pose. When he looks out at the artists, they all have their backs to him.

That's right! Their backs!

We were attempting to remember more and remember more accurately by turning to look at the model and then turning back to draw at the easel. This was not easy.

I don't think that this is a particularly good drawing, but I am thrilled with some things I notice when I look at it. I have used a variety of lines to describe the form. I've also varied the pressure I use when I apply the charcoal. I think that the figure in this drawing looks natural, the pose is believable (he's not about to topple over), and the proportions are good.

Too bad it doesn't look at all like our short, stocky, 60 something model. As one of my fellow artists quipped about my drawing:

"Great drawing! From about 20 years ago."

The chair looks good.

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