Friday, April 3, 2009

Figure Drawing and indicating form

This week's model was very good, an actor. His poses seemed to be vignettes that told or implied stories. I enjoyed drawing him.

In these drawings, besides spending an inordinate amount of time getting the figure right, I was attempting to show form by shading the figure darker where the planes moved away from me. It's funny for me to see how little shading I did on these drawings, because at the time I drew them, I felt like they were nearly black with charcoal. But, the figures look right. The poses look like the body parts were placed accurately. I even managed to get the slouch right in the second drawing.

Like most art practice, some things go better than others. It a matter of doing the work. In piano it was scales and chords and arpeggios. Endless practice that was necessary for fluid playing. These drawings are my scales and chords. In the future, I will draw the concerto.

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