Monday, January 4, 2010


Kitty Wallis has been writing a book on color for many years. It will be amazing when it's finally put together. She has a personal history with art that goes back at least fifty years and her use of color is unique and brilliant.

I have some skills with organization and writing and I am putting those to excellent use in helping her with the final push to make the book an in print reality.

With any big project, the first step is often sorting through what you have to work with. I've made piles of papers according to their chapters and subjects. It was a good 3" of paper, so it took me a while. I had to steel myself to keep from reading the material as I organized it. Wait, wait! I want to know what she has to say about light and glare! Wait! What was that about mist?

I'll get to it all in time. But first the piles. Oooh! This is going to be really good. Read Kitty's interview with Susan Gallacher-Turner and get a taste for what is to come in her book!


Celeste Bergin said...

I don't envy you. lol

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

It'll cut into my painting time, but I'm looking forward to absorbing Kitty's ideas. It can only be good for me, too, right?

Envy gives you wrinkles so STOP IT! lol!

Kitty Wallis said...

Katherine, my heroine.
Thank you