Friday, May 21, 2010

Liberty Bay

For those of you who were not reading my blog last summer, you may wonder about the comments you see here about me keeping my art supplies (and myself) out of the water.

Well, last July I set out from the boat to paint from the sea wall at Bremerton. I was fully loaded with my art bag containing a full wooden box of pastels, my big camera, my brand new iPhone, plus my board and paper. I tripped on the line and fell into the water. You can read about it by clicking here and if you would like to read the same story from my friend, Angie, who got me out of the water, click here.

I assure you, I am staying safe, and cautious. I notice the ladders at marinas ALL THE TIME. Today, when we passed Bremerton, I shivered just a little. And, tonight we had a delicious dinner aboard M/V Desert Venture (the home of Angie and her wonderful husband Bruce) here in Poulsbo.

As you can see from the photos above, the skies ahead of us were clear and beautiful with clouds. The skies behind us were dark and getting darker. We made it to our safe anchorage in Liberty Bay and then it started to rain. I don't think it's stopped for a long while. No wonder things are green here!

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Suzanne said...

How nice to see the Up N' Out ladder. I started looking for ladders in Ilwaco after your adventure ,only to find they are few and far between.