Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sitka posts from my sketchbook

As I stepped off the boat today, a fisherman nodded to me and I said, "Hello."

"Nothing worse than a leaky boat unless it's a complaining woman," he responded. Even though I laughed out loud over his statement, I was a little stung. I admit it, I've been complaining lately. I think I'm just tired of this trip. We are more than 1000 miles from home and even though we are heading back south, it will be a while before I sleep in my own bed at home. I guess I am worse than a leaky boat. Sheesh.

I am a sucker for cemeteries and I never pass one by without going in and looking at the stones. This one, in Juneau, kept me busy for a few hours.

Masks are irresistible!


Celeste Bergin said...

haaha...leaky boat/complaining woman syndrome..that made me laugh. I know that you will soon get over feeling out of sorts. Kvan is not the sort of person to stay stuck in any sort of negativity. I think you would be sort of weird if you didn't have some longings for dry land and home--but I also know that you are embracing all these unique experiences. Like the swells of the water, feelings rise an fall. Feelings are transitory. I will love seeing your sketch books when you get back. How many books have you read? Love these sketches!

SamArtDog said...

You must put one helluva spin on the word "hello".
Like, rhymes with "wallow".

Feelings rise and fall? Urp.

SamArtDog said...

The sketchbooks are, among other great things, hilarious.

Angie said...

As I am reminded often - you are going where few get to go. Enjoy, embrace, and celebrate. You don't have to go again, but your memories will be priceless if you look to the good side.

Big hugs!!!

Ralph said...

It happens so often, I remember at one time in my life collecting funny sayings from gravestones. I had reason just the other day to be talking about that again and here you are doing the same.