Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Susan Ogilvie Workshop: Day Two

Sailboats on prepared panel
18 x 24

Willapa Bay Sunset on panel
18 x 24

Susan Ogilvie's sketchbook
composition showing
directional lines

Day Two. I was not the only person who arrived early this morning. This must be the sign of an excellent workshop: eager participants (and good coffee). I wanted to prepare a new panel for my afternoon painting. I got the panel painted with acrylic before the workshop began at 9:00 sharp. Susan Ogilvie is a stickler about time and I appreciate that very much!

She started the morning session with two slide shows. In the first presentation, each slide showed a preliminary sketch and the finished painting next to it. She talked through the various problems she resolved in the sketches, described what she was attracted to and wanted to explore in the painting, and in some cases revealed how she might handle the painting differently today.

The second slide show showed photos of the progression of many paintings from start to finish, with at least two from the middle. Very interesting to see her change temperature, redraw shapes, adjust proportions throughout the painting process.

I used the rest of the morning session to paint the sailboats. Painting on a surface that I created myself the day before was exciting and frustrating. In the end, I stopped fighting the orange that was peeking through the blues and violets of the scene. Looking at the painting now I can see how frustrated I was: I completely left off the figure on the nearest sailboat. These must be ghost boats, captained by spirits. Ah well.

The afternoon session started with a painting demonstration by Susan. I loved seeing her go through a careful and thoughtful analysis of her photo as she sketched and assigned values to her shapes. She blocked in the colors and then sent us to our easels to work on our own paintings.

I moved my easel around this afternoon so that I could get more light on my painting. It made an improvement in how well I could see what I was doing and I'm glad I moved. I think that the second painting, Willapa Bay Sunset, shows me working more with the texture and color of the panel than fighting against it as I did with the Sailboats.

More to come tomorrow! I'll need a good night's sleep!


Casey Klahn said...

I am reading daily, and enjoying the process with you. Susan is a favorite of mine.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Casey! Your name came up today when Susan was talking about Sausalito! I'm having a great time. Thanks for following along.

Celeste Bergin said...

great report of day two! I laughed at the "ghost ship" comment. I really enjoy the light that is striking the front of the largest "ghost ship" (lol). Your two painitngs have beautifully defined shapes/masses. I am tuned in to see what happens in day 3. :)

Anonymous said...

You don't need classes, you're already a master!
Those wine bottle paintings are originally done in acrylics. I'm burned out on wine bottles though, I need some new inspiration!
Have fun today!

Carrie H. said...

Well, I really like what you are doing in the workshop. I think the two for today are exceptional. Your hard work is paying off - and I'm talking about the stuff you were working so hard to get completed last month as well! We'll put a gold star on your forehead when you get home.