Sunday, January 9, 2011

New oil palette

18 x 24
oil on board

above: aircraft windows doing duty as palettes below: window/palette in action

Conversation last night at my house ...

Me (to my husband): Do you think Home Depot sells Plexiglas?

Husband: Why do you need Plexiglas?

Me: Does Home Depot sell it, do you think?

Husband: I don't know, depends on how big a piece you need.

Me: Well, something thick enough to not bend when I lift it, and something like 18" x 24".

Husband: What do you need it for?

Me: I need a bigger palette and I've heard that some artists use plexi.

Husband: I might have something you could use.

Me: What?

Husband: A window. An airplane window.

Me: What?!

Husband: I'll let you look at it.

.............................. some time passes ................................

Husband comes to the studio with two windows from an airplane. One about 18" x 24" (the smaller one in the photo above) and the other about 18" x 30".

Me: These are PERFECT! I love them! Thank you so much!!

Husband: I guess not every artist has a Cessna 210 window for her palette, right?

You can see the bigger window/palette with paint on it in the last photo. It is exactly what I hoped for, but didn't know I could just ask and have it magically appear like that!

What a guy! I'm keeping him, for sure!!

(Any other artists using airplane windows for palettes?)


Abby E. Murray said...

i just love this conversation. it's always fun to see how those we love often have the strangest effects on our artwork, isn't it? :) thinking of you!

Celeste Bergin said...

that has to be the coolest painting palette of ALL TIME
...good painting too!
p.s. I wonder if you could market that. I want one. lol

Pam Holnback said...

I do not have such a great/loving palette! Really strong water in this piece!

SamArtDog said...

Does the window have to be removed? Like, do you think they'll throw me off the plane if I try that on our flight to Hawaii?

Sara Mathewson said...

Very cool. Just for your knowledge, home Depot does sell plexi glass. I have bought it and they even cut it to size for you.


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Hi Abby! Thanks for stopping by!!

Celeste: how sad that airplane windows are so expensive. My luck that he had replaced old windows and kept them so that I could recycle them in the studio! Hooray!

Pam: Thank you for the comment about the water!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Sam! If they let you on board with your oil paints, I say, go for it and use the window for your palette! Should I be afraid of Big Brother TSA now?

Sara: thanks for the info. I think I might have windows to last me for a while (two windows each side plus the back = five windows!).

Jan Yates, SCA said...

Wow1 i've always thought there should be support groups for partners of artists, but yours is in sync!totally! *will we be viewing new paintings of flight?

B Boylan said...

He's a keeper for sure! And yes, Home Depot does sell the stuff. Nice piece too! Love your color choices here.

Carrie H. said...

I've got an old VW micro van window I've used for ages to roll wood block inks out but it's never been more than a few feet of the ground.