Monday, October 3, 2011

acrylic bonanza

test, test, this is only a test ... is this thing working?

a sackful of acrylic paints, a gift from a friend who moved away
She was moving to Texas but before she packed, she purged her belongings. Not a small purge, either. I'm sure that she only took 1/3 of her total stuff to the "don't mess with us" state. Out went vases and bicycles, boats, a car, lots of furniture, and many art supplies. 

"Do you want these?" she asked me, pointing to a big box of paint.  (When someone offers you paint, the answer is always YES, right?)

Later, I sorted through the paint and found tubes of acrylic, more of oil, and some water miscible oils. Wow! I haven't painted with acrylic before, so today I opened the tubes and squeezed out the colors onto a sheet of watercolor paper. I just wanted to see what I have. What fun!

Next, I'll pull out 3-5 colors and play with them and see what I can do with a limited palette. 

I love the paint, but I miss my friend. This one is for you, Debra. Hugs.


Debra Jones said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear!! I'm so glad you are playing with the paints - there's just nothing better!! And the sweet sentiment made me smile too. I miss you, too -- awfully!!

Carrie H. said...

Didn't know you were moving Debra. By By. I'll miss you and your Texas accent.