Thursday, October 20, 2011

monotype 1

"It sets up a tension when you place more than one figure in your composition" Joseph Mann.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Joseph said that, when I came in to my monotype class with nothing but single figure sketches. Sigh. But, he invited me to consider how some of my sketches might combine nicely to create a story, or suggest something beyond what either figure could communicate alone.

As I manipulated my sketches, I settled on this design. It was only after I printed it that I realized it was autobiographical. It startled me to see how my thoughts and feelings translated into the creation of this image. Since becoming a grandmother, I feel like I am walking off the stage and the next generation is coming on. It's not bad, not good, just the reality of what is.

If you are not familiar with monotype, this video does a nice job explaining the process. Enjoy!

Jane Pagliorulo pulled prints for Wolf Kahn!

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