Friday, October 22, 2010

Inspiration at the Museums

Soutine at Portland Art Museum

Renoir at PAM

Seattle Art Museum
no photos allowed at the Picasso exhibit

Frye Art Museum seating for 3

It's been a great week for studying artwork and looking at oil paintings. First, the Portland Art Museum on Tuesday with Celeste. I was on a mission to look at the "Little Pastry Chef" by Soutine, a French expressionist painter from Belarus. Lively brushwork, thick paint, and that beautiful red background and chair! Wow.

Not possible to ignore the Renoir on the wall. Nope. Can't ignore that one.

Thursday a run up to Seattle to catch the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. Do not miss this show! You have until January 11, 2011 to see it. I got to see it with Celeste and Carolyn. What fun.

Another stop at the Frye Art Museum where we saw a portion of their collection displayed in a great room with floor to ceiling artwork. Nice that we could share the 3-person chair!

Now, time to get back to oil painting. I am inspired and juiced up with all of the soul-touching masterpieces I have seen this week. Oh, yes, life is good!


Celeste Bergin said...

hard to be able to say what my favorite part of the day was--it was all exceptional!

Joni James said...

Wow, you are very busy. I was able to see the Picasso visit during its first week. It was wonderful. I loved the quotes on the wall as well.
Have fun!