Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lone Fir Cemetery

Yesterday, several fellow Portland Plein Air and Studio Painters members went to the Lone Fir Cemetery for painting and sketching. I even got to spend time with my good friend, Celeste!

We sketched this Celtic-styled monument and she shared the story behind it of a "sporting" woman who was buried here and whose male friends erected the stone. I love the story. Especially the part where the horrified sister has the body exhumed and the name ground off the stone. Who knows where the body is now? But, the stone remains and is lovely.

The cemetery is an historic park and the names on some of the headstones are well-known to Portlanders. The trees are ancient and lovely, the stones of all different sizes and shapes, even the mausoleums are impressive.

It was a beautiful fall day and a fun way to spend it.
You can see more sketches and paintings from the day at Behind the Scenes and Celeste Bergin's blog.


Ralph said...

Wow you do that also I love spending a bit of time with the dead now and again. I do not mean that i visit graves of people I carry in my heart I just now and again enjoy a walk through a cemetry. Not sure why

Celeste Bergin said...

Your sketches are devine, Kvan--you captured the day! It was fun and you made it fun-ner!