Saturday, October 16, 2010

Open Studios

This was the second weekend of Portland Open Studios and I zipped into town to visit a couple of my artist friends. My first stop was the studio of Kitty Wallis, internationally celebrated artist and inventor of Kitty Wallis Sanded Paper. Kitty is also my mentor and dear friend. She was instrumental in starting Portland Open Studios about 13 years ago, when she moved to Portland from Santa Cruz, CA (where she had also been involved in their open studios tour).

In the second photo you can see Kitty's demonstration of a new abstract painting. Visitors are always interested in how she achieves her eye-popping paintings. It starts with a pigment dispersion underpainting and finishes with application of her hand made pastels. You can see more of Kitty's work on her blog here.

Next a stop in Northwest Portland at the studio of Michael Fisher. Michael, a premier pastel artist, has a passion for architecture and urban landscapes. At one point during my visit, I was the only non-architect in the room. His nocturnes are lush with brilliant color and his landscapes show his sensitivity to the nuances of land forms. Click here to see more of Michael's work. Michael and I participate together in structured critiques and also have the chance to paint together from time to time. He is a wonderful, focused, passionate artist, and a good friend.

I do not live in Portland, so I am not eligible for Portland Open Studios. But, my new studio door knocker is installed and my door is open for guests. I hope you'll come see me some time.


Celeste Bergin said...

Great photo of you and Kitty! I am glad you got to two of my favorite artist studios today. Your door knocker is a whale tail? Very appropriate...(and beautiful). Will you go to more studios tomorrow?

Carrie H. said...

OK, I love the flukes; Whale tail, must have a spring. I finished the Emily Carr book now I miss her. I think I'll watch 'Girl with a pearl ear ring" - make myself move on.

SamArtDog said...

What a happy picture of you and Kitty. It proves that the sun shines bright in the Northwest.